Groove Out Against Violence

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On February 15, 2014 Sheila Dunn, Laura Cleaveland, Lindsay Gray, and I hosted a GROOVE event to combat violence against women, as part of One Billion Rising. The event was a fundraiser for The Catalyst Foundation that is working to fight human (sex) trafficking.OneBillionRIsing9sm

We raised $775 through our event.


Successful on all accounts: dancing, sweating, smiling, learning, and helping…


Here are more details about the industry of human sex slavery:

  •  Human slavery is larger now than it was at the peak of the American slave trade before the civil war. It’s the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world, after the drug trade, which it’s expected to surpass in the next 2 years.
  • 27 -30 million humans are being trafficked throughout the world. That’s as many people as populate Australia and New Zealand combined.
  • Most victims of sex trafficking come from areas in the world where the people are so desperately poor that their parents will sell their daughters for as little as $100 (which may feed the rest of their family for about a month). Remote villages in Southeast Asia are prime targets, since Asian women are deemed the most “valuable”, i.e., they bring the highest prices.
  • The abductors, usually females, look sweet and grandmotherly and ensure desperate parents that their daughters will be cared for and given good jobs.
  • These new girl slaves are they are transported to another area of the world where they don’t know the language. They’re confined to one location and kept from escaping by doping, violence and death threats (to her and her family back home).
  • Over half of victims are pre-pubescent……..children down to one year of age have been abducted and abused.
  • Sex slaves are forced to have sex all day, every day, up to 40+ times a day. Owners earn about
  • The slave isn’t paid, and is kept alive only for one purpose- to generate revenue.
  • The average female or child sex slave dies within 3-7 years from attack, abuse, HIV and other STDs, malnutrition, overdose or suicide.
  • Most women and child slaves are stolen from Southeast Asia, but anywhere with rampant poverty or social upheaval are prime targets for slave traders, such as Africa and Latin America.
  • There are close to 12 million victims living amongst us in North America, generating over 9.5 billions of illicit revenue per year in the US.

Thanks to the Jewish Community Center of Asheville who donated space for the event.


Rise up, Dance, Donate!