To Start Again

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I tried offering weekly classes as Studio Zahiya last year and through May of this year on Tuesdays at lunchtime. The effort was well received by a few, but my lasting impression of the experiment that lunchtime for working folks is not a good time for a class. I loved the space. I relished the freedom to create the experience we wanted with out censure of my words or any individual’s movement that are imposed at other facilities.

In that vein I’m starting again. This time it is structured as a limited, four-week class for the dancers and non-dancers among us. It will be:

  • In the evenings. No more need to reschedule work or miss class because of meetings.
  • Free parking. It will be held upstairs of the French Broad Food Co-op at the Movement & Learning center. Park at the lower lot of the co-op and you’re all taken care of without hunting, pecking, and paying for parking.
  • Wednesdays. The otherwise “off” day of Joyus Groove at other places I teach, and great way to celebrate hump day as the week rolls toward the weekend.
  • 1.5 hours. I’ve always felt that 1 hour is rushed, and that there’s always more we can explore. We’ll gain the added benefit of more time moving, grooving, and reconnecting with our bodies. It will make for a richer relaxation period.
  • 100% Unique. You, of course, will bring your individuality to each dance move we unify around. But, I’ll also be sure that each song for each session is one we haven’t done before. That’s a lot of new and different music! Can you handle it?