Our Differences Unite Us

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Let’s face it, most people don’t feel comfortable with others who don’t look like them, dress like them, or think like them. But these differences are precisely what the essence of life is, diversity, beauty, distinct personalities, and divergent opinions. Should be totally cool, right? Should be the thing we embrace. Instead, we stand back in judgment. It holds us back from forming deep relationships that make life so much richer. When we stand in judgment, we cannot see the funny, artistic, creative sides of people. The sad effect of our judgment is that we tend to be more restricted as a result. We constrict ourselves in response to our own judgment, thinking that others must be assessing us the way we’re levying our thoughts on them.


When I say, “No one cares what you look like, if they do it is their burden,” it’s true. It creates a barrier that holds them apart from knowing and accepting you and your awesome uniqueness. It creates a box that doesn’t allow them to move in a free way because they are paralyzed with the thought that they {gasp} may be judged in the same way they judge you.


And, so how do we move away from this paradigm? We embrace our individuality. We love ourselves and present that good stuff to the world, unapologetically. We step out, vulnerable, yes, but, also courageous and bold so that we can gift others the deepness of who we are. In that way, we create a comfortable space for them to unwind, dance, and maybe even hit the groove.


In this way we can know each other. Build bonds of community, love, respect. It is precisely our opposite nature that binds us more closely, if we allow it. If we…