Thinking Informs Movement. Movement Informs Thinking.

This is a profound, profound presentation on why we must continue to move. Mobility is not limited by our body’s capacity our body’s capacity is limited by our willingness to move. The same for cognition.

So much of this presentation is relevant to GROOVE. The bottom line is that how we move directly affects our state of being. Here are some nuggets:

  • Don’t Do it; Allow it.
  • Movement informs our experience.
  • Movement can generate and catalyze ideas
  • His hypothesis that stagnancy in the body leads to deactivation of the vast potential for cognition
  • When we eliminate risk, we eliminate experience. Yet, experience how we learn.
  • Young mind (note this is not based on age) is curious, exploring movements as unfamiliar
  • Only when something is awkward or uncomfortable are we venturing into unfamiliar territory where new sensory feedback can help us learn.
  • The body provides sensations so we can decide how to respond.

All this reminds me of the pithy quip “You don’t get quit hiking because you get old. You get old because you quit hiking.” (or insert any other activity: dance, run, walk, play)

How has movement helped you catalyze and generate new ideas?

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