It’s Your Choice

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Voluntary movements are the key to nerve cell growth. It’s the difference between looking forward to an activity and feeling like you have to do it.

When forced (like, “ugh, I have to workout again”), you actually loose nerve cells. Which is why, when you come to GROOVE, have fun, and try new things (read: play), you’re growing, learning, and improving memory.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s an excerpt from Smart Moves by Carla Hannaford that Ilene brought to class today, complete with a highlighted section!

Smart Moves Hannaford

This is one of the most important reasons we keep the dance moves in class simple, because it allows the option for each person to voluntarily engage in that action to the degree that is comfortable for him/her. When I offer creative options within a super simple move, your voluntary response is the one that is helping to build the new neural pathways, rather than my command to you.

Health is a choice. The decisions we make in how we move our bodies, how we feed our bodies, and how we care for our bodies is entirely up to us.