Standing on the Edge

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I’m standing in my own way now. Blocking the thoughts that are in me. Standing in the way of free formed thought, luscious flowing words from my fingers. Standing on and squashing heart-felt ideas on freedom, beauty, bodies, love. Here I stand

Stand on it all

Stand atop,




Stuff it in. Cram it in the already too small container.

Contain all that can’t be contained

I say “no more! Let me out”

Let me scream out goodness.

Let me yell my “O”

Let me hollar till they hear me on distant seas. 
Let me say “Oh, Yes” and “My greatness” this and “My greatness” that

Let me pronounce the words of holiness within myself.

Let me call in to myself the power to let myself live fully.

Embolden fearless movement

Embrace the what if’s and

How would it feel, if

And what in the world is going on in there anyway?, but only long enough to notice

Then, a forgetting, a letting go, a lack of specific focus on who might care

Or what someone might think, because do you know what?

I’ve cared for far too long about what people think. I’ve cared far too much about muffling my words, my heart, my song, and my spirit for the consideration of others – that they might be uncomfortable by it. That it might be too much for them. That they might get too much and turn away.

I quieted it.

No longer.

Live without restriction.

Life in borders and unbound creativity

Fluidity in motion





Kindness to myself

And the offering of permission to others to do unto themselves

With kind eyes,

Gentle touch

Sweet words “I love you”

I love you

I love you

You’re the world to me. You are goodness





This world embodied in this frame.

Cannot be wrong

This world in this breath is enough

Enough for words to step out of me


Here, when we stand on the edge of our comfort, we can let go of needing to control, needing to be right, fearing what others might think. We can come into our largeness.


Here, when we dance on the edge of our beings, we reach something greater – a letting go, a giving in, a softness to ourselves/the movement/the mind.

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