2015update_oTHEGROOVE classes are designed to make movement and fitness accessible to every BODY! It’s easy, fun, and healthy for anyone regardless of age, fitness level or experience. It’s part dance, part fitness, and all fun.

You will sweat. You will smile.

THEGROOVE by Misty Tripoli™ structure shifts the paradigm from “follow the leader” instruction to a “groove is in the heart” experience. It appeals to all levels and ages by teaching simple moves to all genres of music.

 JoYusGROOVE classes with Leanna invite participants to explore their own style and most importantly celebrate their uniqueness so that they can move confidently, feel comfortable in their bodies, and develop radiance and joy.

Participants expand their physical awareness through easy music-inspired movements, and develop spatial sensitivity, functional strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, balance, all the while flexing their creativity. Groove supports positive body image and a healthy mind-body connection by focusing on individuality and educating for health.

The variety of movements and authentic adaptation prevents injuries while develop strength and increasing metabolism.

THEGROOVEbyMT – Simply, Creative…. DANCE! (Music: Chicken Grease by Dangelo) from The World GROOVE Movement on Vimeo.

THEGROOVE is an experience that is being celebrated nationally and internationally, including in Canada, Mexico, Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Australia.

Now it’s your turn to join in the fun!

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