“I had a blast, got my sweat on and enjoyed our laughs. Can’t wait for next time!” Karen Sousa

“Love the class. Thanks for your great spirit.” Susan Briggs

“I had an even better time than I thought I would have.” Illysa at Anytime Fitness

“Wow, Leanna. That was amazing. Truthfully, I felt the best I’ve felt in years. I even walked home! I’ll be there on Tuesday! Hopefully with some friends.”
 Patti Digh


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Hear what others say about their GROOVE experience…

And this is a testimonial with people’s experiences with JoYusGROOVE.


We asked, “What’s your favorite thing about Groove?”

Love the music, the joyous feeling of movement

The freedom of expression

I find it allows me to be somewhat meditative throughout the class – I can focus on what I need and even emotionally while dancing.

The music, the freedom to do what my body wants to do along with gentle and inspiring guidance.

The music, the vibe, and the freedom and acceptance.

I am not someone who feels comfortable moving and dancing – and yet I feel really comfortable in your Groove class. That is LIKE MAGIC.

You rock! You have a great way of making everyone feel like whatever they are doing is right, and you have a great energy. Keep teaching.


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