Movin’ & Shakin’

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If you’re shimmying and shaking, or wiggling and giggling, you’re giving your body some basic and direct benefits, including stress management, lymphatic drainage, improved circulation, bone strengthening, and muscle toning.


Let’s take a look at all the good we’re doing to our bodies when we drop and shake.


Stress management: In order to shake the body actually has to release tension. Releasing tight muscles by “shaking it off” is a superb way to warm up muscles, organs, joints and connective tissue. Shimmying fosters deeper breathing, an additional combatant to fighting stress’s sister: shallow, tight breathing.


Lymphatic drainage: A properly functioning lymphatic system helps flush toxins from our bodies and promotes well being by serving as an immune-boosting clearinghouse. Particularly when we hop and wiggle in Groove, we activate the drainage of more than 500 lymph nodes throughout the body by supporting the work of their one-way valves. Lymph nodes are found in the underarms, groin, neck, chest, and abdomen. Flushing this system prevents stagnation and encourages continued well being.


Improved circulation: On its own, light shaking or bouncing will improve circulation by supporting blood flow to the body’s blood vessels, relieving some of the work of the heart to reach those vessels. In turn, it helps reduce blood pressure.


Bone strengthening: Studies have shown that vibrations of the body slow bone density deterioration in older adults and may promote bone formation in younger people.


Muscle toning: Beyond reaching the typical muscles you activate with exercise, jiggling accesses and jostles muscles that may never get exercised otherwise.


If it feels odd or silly to wiggle, try cracking a smile or investigate the amazement of how this movement feels in your body. Thank yourself for trying something a little uncomfortable because it promotes well being. And experiment with how it feels to “let it out” or make something new jiggle rather than holding “it” all in. When we release into a shimmy, even if it’s simply shaking our hands over our heads, we’re sending vibrations throughout our whole body; Eastern medicine points to the stimulation of energy that flows from the hands to connect with meridian points throughout the body.


After all, if we giggle when we wiggle then we can be pretty sure we’re having fun, and life’s too short to get too serious over a little jiggle.