Just Say “Yes”

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I’ve been thinking about the wisdom of saying “yes” in life. In accepting invitations to new experiences or activities, we enrich ourselves.  We cultivate shared memories with friends. We stretch what we know or what we think we know by trying new things. We step out of what is comfortable sometimes to simply place trust in ourselves, in the activity, in the experience.

View from Mt. Sterling

I spent the last week saying yes. I said yes to playing disc golf though I still have so much to learn. I said yes to a spur-of-the-moment backpacking trip. I said yes to climbing a rickety fire tower in high winds to watch the sun rise. I said yes to dinner with friends. Each of these opportunities opened me in new and different ways.

My intrepid climb to the top of Mt. Sterling fire tower gave me this.

I see how Groove can parallel this lesson. By giving participants the basic movement then asking them to consider other possibilities, they get the chance to say “yes” in deciding if they want to move their bodies in a certain way. While you always have the option to abstain from a creative alternative, what happens if you just say “yes”?

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