Offering a JoYusGROOVE session with Leanna at your next workshop or conference adds a spark of creativity, a dash of renewal, and enhances group cohesion.

Waterfalls, Ziplining, Grooving: This girls weekend in Asheville was full of goodness!
Waterfalls, ziplining, Grooving: This girls weekend in Asheville was full of goodness!

THEGROOVE is designed to make movement accessible to every BODY by providing easy moves set to awesome music. Groove works in a way to access each person’s individual ability, and inspires confidence by empowering participants to move in unique and creative ways.

Trail Dames Summit

“Your Groove class was fantastic– just what we needed!” Joan West, Trail Dames Summit Participant

Many event organizers have started adding yoga to workshops and retreats because they know its benefits. Groove is an active alternative. It offers the mind-body connection of yoga with the cardio-vascular benefits of dance.

Drum & Dance Weekend

“That Groove workshop changed my life. Oh yes it surely did. I am not kidding.”Patti Digh, Women’s Drum & Dance Weekend


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Other Praise for JoYusGROOVE at Conferences, Workshops, and Events

“I hired Leanna to facilitate a Groove class for my women’s retreat in Asheville, NC, in 2011. She was great, especially with beginners! She was able to connect with everyone in a genuine and down-to-earth way and got us to connect with our bodies within minutes. Leanna is definitely one of the most supportive, passionate, and reliable instructors I’ve ever worked with. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!” Michelle Currie, Meditative Arts

“I had a great time at your Groove class at the Trail Dames conference. It was a lot of fun and very creative.” Nancy Lake, Trail Dames

“Been telling everyone about your Groove routine. Really wish I could keep it up here. It is a fantastic workout!” Cheryl Bharath, Trail Dames

“You rock…seriously. It is the most fun class I ever took.” Anna Huthmaker, Trail Dames