Each of Us

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Next Tuesday

I step in front a group of women

with cancer

we all have the potential for this plague

you and I

we are not so different

It’s environment, genetics, lifestyle choices

And like it or not, it’s

with us


It, like other aspects of life, is petrifying

A sea of unknown

A gargantuan rift in the surface of what we thought we knew life to be like

An overwhelmt of fear and stress, worry and anger


And I will step in front of them to say

“But life is greater than that which is



rift rife with



“It is meant for joy

Loving what’s ‘right’ with you – that which is all of you

Noticing how you feel, and how to feel better

Celebrating that you are a miracle, in this moment, yes, you

Perfect you.

Because there isn’t an answer for tomorrow we can define



We have this moment

The way the spine feels as hips circle counter-clockwise, then reverse

The way a smile lifts with a familiar song

The way it feels to dance, really dance to a rhythm

We choose health with each action or inaction

To meditate

To co-create

To believe

To hope

To feel

To be

All that we are. Not we collectively, each of us.

Each of us

Have this potential