Complete Relaxation

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At the end of class we melt into the floor and take a few minutes, relaxed, to let go. To let our muscles relax. To let our minds relax. To practice calming our nervous system. Our bodies will call on this practice when under stress as a means of uncoiling the mounting anxiety.

Relaxation at the end of class has many benefits including helping you sleep better at night.

Some people, tongue in cheek, call it the best part of class. The truth in this quip is that the relaxation we take with reflects the similar posture in yoga of savasana. This yoga posture is considered the most important of all yoga poses.

It has the capacity to calm the brain, lower blood pressure, release muscle tension, and lower heart rate, and it increases focus, concentration, and memory. It’s demanding because it’s a turning inward – after the radiant activity of dance – a stillness of the body and a quieting of the brain. You get the most from the pose completely still as your body incorporates the practice of movement and stillness.