Community: Showing UP

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CommChoreoIn 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 respectively, I committed 8 months or more of my life to Barrie Barton and her visionary Community Choreography Project to perform Holding Us and Knock Knock on stage at Diana Wortham Theater.

The collaborative artistic process that Barrie empowers her dancers to participate in is unique and profound. The result weaves the authentic experiences of individual’s lives into a collective experience of life, portrayed in movement and spoken word.

It’s nothing short of community and commitment to delve deep into the subject matter, show up weekly for rehearsals, and exhibit the patience to solidify and embody the artistic expression among a cadre of dancers. I really want to honor their work, for I know how much work they have done.

Furthermore, I know it will be a show that tugs at the heart, the imagination, and the spirit. All of these shows do that.

Picture 9Last fall I made an announcement about Barrie’s recruitment of dancers for another show, and one of our GROOVERs, Bonnie, stepped up to join the community portraying Secrets: Freeing the Hidden Story on June 20, 21, and 22.

I plan to go to the show on Friday, June 21 to support Bonnie, Barrie, and the cast that have worked so hard to put voice to these deeply help spaces of our hearts and the courage to put them on stage.

Join me for the show on June 21. (I’m getting my ticket today!)

It’s sure to spark conversation, invite exploration, and stimulate your brain and body (simply watching dance compels your brain’s neural messaging system to send something like “practice signals,” (known as mirror neurons) acting as if it were actually doing the dancing).