JoYusGROOVE with Leanna Joyner inspires authentic dance by giving you simple moves set to great music so you can dance it your way.

There’s no pressure, no competition, and no judgment here.

The focus is on what feels good in your body.

  • inspires confidence
  • recharges your energy
  • boosts your coordination, and
  • rekindles your connection with your body


Dance is simple. It doesn’t have to be choreographed. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

JoYusGROOVE works for non-dancers and life-long dancers alike. Why?

Because the easy moves are accessible to everybody and because the way we do it will be different for each person. Acknowledging that we’re all different, and different is good, allows us to focus on what’s important – moving, grooving, and feeling great.

In saying “yes” to absolutely allowing our individuality to shine, we will find all that is joyous.


Watch a video about people’s experience with JoYusGROOVE.

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